Shrimp Cocktail
 "Brew City" Onion Rings
 "Brew City" Mushrooms
 "Brew City" Mozzarella Sticks
 Six Chicken Sticks
 Walleye Fingers
 Cheese Curds
 Ten Mini Tacos, Sauce & Sour Cream

 "House Specialty"-
Crisp Half Chicken
 Grilled Chicken Breast Filet
Two 6 oz. Filets
 Pork Chops
     Two Center Cut 8 oz. Chops
 Liver, Bacon & Onions
     Pan-Fried Baby Beef Liver & Bacon
     smothered in Onions
 Roast Duck
     Served with rice and burgundy cherry
     sauce on the side

 French Fried Shrimp
     Seven Shrimp with "our own"
     Cocktail Sauce
 Sautéed Scallops
     Sea Scallops with Cocktail or Butter
 Broiled Shrimp Skewer
     Cocktail or Butter Sauce, 2 Skewers
 Broiled Canadian Walleye
     Filet served with butter sauce

 Ribeye - USDA Choice Black Angus -
      Prepared to your liking, topped with
      Onion Rings
 Tenderloin Filet
     Prepared to your liking, topped with
     Onion Rings, 6 oz.
 Twin 6 oz. Tenderloins
All dinners include
soup or juice, choice of potato,
salad bar and rolls.


 Pork Chop
 Liver, Bacon & Onions
 Grilled Chicken Breast
 Boiled Shrimp - Single Skewer

 Philly Cheese Steak Platter
 Deluxe Shrimp Platter
 Chicken Platter
 Black Angus Burger Platter
 Soup and Salad Bar

 Sundaes - Chocolate, Carmel, or
     Butterscotch - Small or Large

Friday (No Salad Bar)
     Fish and Chicken -
       Soup, Coleslaw, Potato and Rolls
     Poorman's Lobster - Soup, Salad,
       Potato and Rolls
     Prime Rib - USDA Choice Black
     Angus - 16 oz. or 12 oz.
     Chicken - All-You-Can-Eat
     Salad Bar, Soup, Corn Curly Fries
     and Rolls

9 years and under
 Hamburger  Sunday Special - Chicken
 Hot Dog  Monday Special - Fish
 Chicken Strips  Tuesday Special - Chicken
 Shrimp  Friday Special - Fish and Chicken
Includes Fries, Pickle, Small Milk or Soda and Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding