History of Hillside Resort
Hillside Resort was established by John Jaud in 1912 when he purchased 12 acres on South Shore Road of Lac Vieux Desert.  He ran a fine resort and Sugar Maple Camp.  In 1921, he sold the resort to William H. Love and his wife.  They added the Lodge, the present owners home and more cabins.  William Love was the first to add electricity to the resort both inside and out.  The Loves made special provisions to house the late fall hunters.  They also added a grass tennis court at the resort.  The Loves maintained saddle horses and ran trips into upper Michigan.

Around 1936, C.M. Christianson bought the resort and had Al Speers and his wife manage it for him until 1946 when the Petersons family purchased it.  The Petersons added cabins, raised the house the match the lodge and connected them with the restaurant kitchen.  They also added indoor plumbing and built quite a nice food business with Grandma and Millie's cooking and baking, while Chuck ran the bar.

In 1976, the Peterson's sold to the Calintrino family who ran the resort until 1980 when they sold it to the Peske and Wisniewski families.  The Peske's then bought out the partnership.

In 1986, the Andersen family bought the resort and made many improvements both inside and out to the cabins, grounds and lodge.  In the year 2003 the Andersen's will have owned the resort the longest, second only to the Peterson's 29 - 30 years.

Hillside Resort is "The best kept secret in the Northwood's."

Hillside Resort
On the south shore of Lac Vieux Desert

Your Hosts ~ Rob, Robbie, Ryan & Laura

2474 South Shore Road
Phelps, WI 54554
Tel: (715) 547-3646
Email: gofish@hillside-resort.com  
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